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Hullbridge Village History

Welcome to the Hullbridge Community Centre Photo Gallery.

Here you will find my images of the Hullbridge Community Centre and events that took place within and around it.
These are just thumbnails of the main picture which can be accessed by simply left clicking on the relevant image..
Many of the photos are undated but thought to be 1980's 90's.

If you recognise anyone in the photos that has not been noted please let me know.

Hullbridge Community Centre Part 1 .
COMM4 Dennis Richardson
Photo donated by HCA showing in the middle Dennis Richardson in a brown roll-neck jumper supping on his beer with Peter Bright in the right corner doing likewise. Peter ran a cleaning business and one of his staff for a period of time was David Morgan.
COMM6 An intermate place
Photo courtesy of HCA. Jean and Don Thresher dancing. The gentleman with glasses is Vic Turner. Ann Seal facing but just above him talking to man in white shirt.Left Side white shirt Mick Murphy and on his right his eledest daughter Teressa.
COMM12 A Rarety
Photo courtesy of HCA. This is a rarety accoring to Davis Morgan son of Chris who is on the right. "chris morgan on the right thats a saying you would never hear and wearing a blue tie !". Chris is entertaining John Richardson (centre) Chairman of Rochford Districy Council.
COMM9: Time for a sit down
Mr Dundas (Jock) on the left with Mrs Long wife of Ernie and Mr Port.